Third place winner x2 in True West Magazine Contest

Allen won Third Place in two categories in the True West Magazine's July 2010 issue Best Photography of the West contest. Allen's portrait of Lee Anderson "Old Blue Eyes" won third place in the Mystery category and his still life "Blue Table" took third place in the Ghost Town category. The portrait of Lee, also known as "Just Another Day" is a state and national multi award winning image winning awards from the Arizona Professional Photographers Association and Professional Photographres of America. Lee was also the subjct of the cover photo taken by Allen and author of the Sept. 09 issue of True West's story on the Vaquero. The two most recent published photos are shown here.

Vinnie G's Screen Test in HD

We are now including HD Video clips when you select the video option with our top Senior Session Packages . We have been working on this for a while and feel we are now able to feature this option. We use the Canon 5D Mark II DSLR which has an amazing HD video function built into the camera. With a couple of button clicks we can switch from shooting 21 megapixel full frame sensor still images to full frame 35mm HD video.

The 2010 season finale of TV's House series was shot completely with the Canon 5D Mark II camera. Check out this short clip below from Vinnie's video shoot. We are working on a complete Music Video for Vinnie with his best portrait images and video clips and should have it posted on here soon. Let us know what you think so far and give us a call for more information.


Vinnie G's Portrait

I wanted to share this portrait of Vince G. taken recently. This was taken as part of his senior photo session a short distance from our studio at a location we use for this style of portrait. Vince is a 2010 graduate from Sunnyslope High School. We got so many great shots of him I just had to share one with you. This is one of my favorites.

Gabi's Fashion Music Video

Here is Gabi's Fabulous Fashion Music Video! The video contains her favorite images along with video clips from both of her photo sessions. Her first session images are from our portrait studio and her location photo session from the Biltmore area. Gabi selected the song Beautiful Design by Trading Voices for her music, which we use with permission and license. I hope you enjoy watching Gabi's awesome images. Watch in 480p mode for best viewing.

Gabi's Fabulous Fashion Shoot

Here is one of my favorite images from Gabi's on-location high school senior fashion shoot in the Biltmore area. This young lady has an incredible fashion sense and it shows in her photos. She was a pleasure to work with and I know she has a great future in front of her. There is not much else to say about this image. Just enjoy.

For all of you photo buffs out there, this photo was taken with a Canon 5D Mark II set to manual with a Canon 24-105mm f4L IS USM lens, ISO 400, exposure 1/1000s at f/5.6.  I used a single 580EX speed light set to TTL with a Photoflex XS Octodome with Pocket Wizard TT1/TT5 on a light stand. What beautiful light from a single speed light!

Gabi's Turn to Shine

Here is a sample image from Gabrielle's senior studio photo session. This was only one of the outfits she modeled for us in the studio. We asked her to turn or spin to get her red dress to swirl out and give the photo some great motion. You can see how cute this image came out. We will be going on location this weekend for her second photo session in the Biltmore area of Phoenix. Watch this blog for another update on her beautiful photos.

AZ Young Artists' Competition II

I wanted to share one more dance image from the YAC. This image shows Martha Hernandez in one of her jumps during her performance. Contestants are now able to go online and view their images. Please contact me at for the Session ID to see all the photos from the competition.

I would also like to add that all of the twelve finalist contestants that performed on Saturday night are invited to call me and make an appointment to come into the studio for a private tour and viewing of their images. Images will be projected and reviewed in this format to allow you to see them more clearly. You may call me (Allen) at 602-821-5307.