A Western Blustery Blow!

  • Published September 5th, 2012 by Allen Patrou
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This is a favorite shot from a session we did recently with actor Greg Bronson. This idea was the last set we did and the images really came out great. We edited in the tobacco and smoke for the pipe in Photoshop in post production. Greg often has parts in western movies that shoot in the Phoenix, AZ area.

Rebel's Repose

I thought I would share a larger image of the high scoring image that helped bump me into first place in the Top Ten Photographer of the Year category at the AZPPA Convention for 2012. Having the highest scoring print case translated to the Emil Eager Photographer of the Year Award in 2012! Thanks to Jim Cigan for modeling his Civil War re-enactor's outfit for me. If you're an interesting enough character and have authentic western clothing or clothing from another era, send me an email and I will consider you for a future project.



Katey's Video Anthology

This video is a compilation of dance stills, film, and video clips of Katey Konderik throughout 2011. We worked with Katey in the studio and on locations creating these photographic stills and video clips and a short film called "La Lettre" which won for Best Cinematography at the Rebel Film Festival in Tempe, AZ. Our music is licensed for use with this video and is called "Everyday" by Carly Comando.

We are currently looking for new dancers to work with this summer and fall. You should be a professional, pre-professional or advanced ballet student from 16 to 24 years old. Dancers under 18 need to be accompanied by a parent. Please contact us by email with your bio and jpegs to allen@apatrouphotography.com. We look forward to hearing from you. If you have questions please call 602-821-5307.

The Art of Equine Communication 2

Lee Anderson's book Developing the Art of Equine Communication is now available for pre-order online at major book sellers and is published by Moonlight Mesa Publishing. We have a copy of the book here and it is beautiful! The cover photo, shown in an earlier posting, is striking and eye catching. Here is one more photo used inside the book of Lee and Concho.

Enchanting Blue

Enchanting Blue is a video short about a young girl who falls asleep with her pet butterfly. The video features one of our Enchanted Forest girls from last year. We produced this in our studio in both our Enchanted Forest set and our antique French corner. Please enjoy this with your children and see if you can figure out the lessons contained in the story.

Haley Lu in the Studio

This is one of the Arizona YAC winners from the Herberger Theater Yound Artists' Competition last year. We have been a sponsor and the official photographer for this event for three years in a row. Haley Lu is a talented dancer and actress now living in LA to pursue her career. She came back into our studio recently and this is one of our favorite shots...


Priscilla in the Enchanted Forest Video

Below is one of Priscilla's still Images and below that is her Music Video, from our recent Enchanted Forest Photo Sessions. Videos, prints, photo jewelry and albums are available to parent's who's children participated in one of the sessions. Each child's photos and video will be unique. If you are interested in attending one our future Award Winning Enchanted Forest sessions, please sign up for our Newsletter and you will be notified. 



Please enjoy Priscilla's Music Video Below