Haley Lu Richardson Cinemagraph

We're posting a new type of image called a cinemagraph. It's a combimation of still and video merged together with software to see how people respond. This one is from a session we had the the now famous Haley Lu Richardson, star of the big and small screen! Let us know what you think. 


Top Ten Photographer of the Year, 2015

Allen Patrou was awarded the Top Ten Photographer of the Year award for 2015 at the annul AZPPA State Convention January 15, 2015. He was presented the award by AZPPA President David Smith. Allen was ranked number 2 in the state and also won 2nd and 3rd place in the Portrait Division. 

Alexandra Hoffmann

We have been working with a wonderful young ballet dancer. We scheduled both a studio session and on-location session at Boyce Thompson Arboretum. Lexie is a very talented young dancer as you will see in the video. Both sessions yielded amazing images and videos which were combined to make the beautiful music video below. The music is courtesy of Dr. Lynne Haeseler from her CD "Chase the Moon."

Winter Wonderland this Fall!

Get ready for our Winter Wonderland this fall. We have developed a unique setting for children, pets, and small family groups. We will be offering this in the fall in plenty of time for Christmas and Holiday photos. So far it's been a hit with kids having fun "going down the hill" on one of our sleds with hats, scarfs, gloves, and even a few snow balls to throw! Sessions start at just $129.00 for a child or pet and includes an 8x10 print. Check out some sample images below.

Sarah in the Enchanted Forest

Here is our latest Enchanted Forest Music Video, "Sarah in the Enchanted Forest." This video is a lovely way to enjoy all of Sarah's best images. Sarah is a dance student and it shows in the way she moves and holds herself in these beautiful images! We will be offering our award-winning Enchanted Forest sessions March 21-24, 2014. Click on the Ehcanted Forest tab above for more information on this special offering and watch the interview by Phoenix Vice Mayor Bill Gates!


Sarah in the Enchanted Forest from Apatrou Photography on Vimeo.

Maya & Espen in a Winter Wonderland

Best Friends Forever! Here is our music video from our winter wonderland session with brother and sister Maya & Espen. They had so much fun and it shows in our video. We will have this set available for a few more days in February so give us a call if you would like to book a session at 602-821-5307!

Maya & Espen in a Winter Wonderland from Apatrou Photography on Vimeo.

Dance into the New Year!

We wanted to share an image of Erin, one of our lovely dancers, taken in our studio and 'transported' via Photoshop to an exotic location. We can do this with High School seniors and other portraits as well. We are always looking for dancers and High School Senior Models for the new school year. You can see more about our senior sessions on our arizona senior photos website.